Today we take a look at Donald Fagen’s 4th solo LP, Sunken Condos.

Artist: Donald Fagen
Album: Sunken Condos
Year Released: 2012
Label: Reprise
Vinyl Color: Clear
Packaging: 2xLP gatefold
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Why I love it: There’s a certain level of studio perfection that I’ve come to expect from Steely Dan, and thus Donald Fagen and with Sunken Condos, this tradition continues. The sparse vinyl packaging coupled with the clear vinyl and muted artwork accentuates the closed-in, intricate sound. Whether listening on headphones or through a stereo, every instrument and note is clear, crisp, and in its own space ready for you to find. While this album probably could have been release on a single LP, they chose to go for the double LP with a blank D side, giving plenty of room for the songs to breathe, despite the look of being underwater. You can pick up your own copy here. 

donald fagen sunken condos cover

donald fagen sunken condos lp back

donald fagen sunken condos lp inside

donald fagen sunken condos lps

donald fagen sunken condos lp 1

donald fagen sunken condos lp 2